You want to build a house from a Joglo a Limasan a Gladak, you are at right place we are the specialists.
We are specialized WOOD and research of traditional houses also called by the Indonesians”Rumah JOGLO” as well as Limasan, GLADAK and LIMASAN.
We are also specialists in the dismantling, transport, assembly, and construction of villa from the real masterpieces. The JOGLO are traditional buildings ‘Rumah JOGLO’ which are found in Central Java, Indonesia.
A growing interest has emerged among locals eager to revive the natural beauty of these houses and also by people from outside the country using them as a villa residence, vacation home or hotel. The Joglo refers to a traditional house with specific standards of construction and specifications that are his own. “See probable cause” Usually from high quality wood, teak, only wealthy people or noble society could afford to build a JOGLO. These wooden houses are inhabited by countless beliefs.
We will build your villa in Seminyak for less than € 60,000
We also find GLADAK “construction teak used and sometimes still used to store rice to dry it.” We transform the construction of splendid rooms in comfort. We will install in your garden a beautiful GAZEBO.

We sell “Joglo”, “Limasan” and “Gladak” in KIT ready to be mounted by compétant.
Nous staff will assemble if you want an additional charge depending on location.