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The ARCHITECTURE of the houses of Bali is intended for lovers of the Balinese style including the architectural tradition of its courses, this game of roofs and pavilions inside a walled garden.
Balinese classical architecture, one of the most remarkable art forms in the world, survives in a society very open to all foreign contributions.
Moreover, this has been the case since the time when Buddhist priests from Java and Chinese traders from southern China favored the transformation of the humble Basel, the traditional pavilion of Bali, into an exotic Indochinese hybrid.
A Balinese sculptor who practices his art in the temples once said: “What is worth doing is worth doing well. This passion for a job well done is evident in the more than 60,000 temples, 500,000 tombs and other sacred edifices of the island. This passion has also been the guiding principle of many masters of tropical architecture who have realized some of their finest works in Bali before going to practice their art
under other skies.
Bali is not lacking today talented people that envy most of the capitals of Southeast Asia. And Bali is nothing like the cosmopolitan Asian model. It has remained a flourishing medieval society with its gods kings and feudalism that welcomes two million tourists every year, with the consequences that we imagine.
The word “Bali” is synonymous with beauty, be it culture, spirit or form. In modern tropical architecture, the “Balinese style” evokes a trend towards a natural and open pavilion type.
The origin of modern Balinese architecture dates back to the establishment of the Dutch colonial administration in the early 9th century, when the Art Deco movement was assimilated to a form of colonial domination.
However, all modern trends have not been ruled out and harmoniously integrate architecture, landscapes and lifestyle.
The Joglo Gladak Limason lunbung have come to this island and have undergone transformations by various architect, but often with great success.



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